Triplast Round Blanks
Triplast Round Blanks
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Triplast Round Blanks

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Triplast is a Polymer Resin Blank used for Easy Dental Appliance Fabrication 

Product Name:      Triplast Appliance Material

Description:           Appliance material for dental arch maintenance

Specification:         0.030” x 125mm round


Technical Information:

Triplast is an engineered polymer resin which will allow for arch maintenance while maintaining its structural support.  Triplast is designed to form over the dental arch during appliance fabrication, and is particularly beneficial because each blank incorporates an overheating thermostat detector.  When heated prior to the forming stage, the blank will turn white in color if the thermostat detects overexposure to heat.  The change in color indicates to the laboratory technician that this particular blank cannot be used as an appliance and must be discarded.  This is extremely important in appliance fabrication because a technician or orthodontist would not otherwise know if a formed appliance was defective just by looking at it.   


Other significant attributes are as follows:


Triplast trims easily with standard lab scissors

Triplast will not crack due to brittleness

Triplast will not cloud or become dingy from wear

Triplast is hydrophobic

Triplast is designed, developed, and 100% manufactured in the U.S.A.