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SiliformMLAPlus2 is a light-bodied separator for use with 3D printed models.  Each size comes with a processing and storage container.

Product Name:  SiliformMLAPlus2 3D Model Separator

Description:       Dental Separator for 3D Printed Models, ideal for Indirect Bonding applications when using plastic and/or ceramic brackets

Specification:    Light-bodied in consistency, this separator requires application of a thin coating to prevent dental light cure resins from chemically bonding to lightly dense 3D model materials.  Product expires one year after purchase.


Technical Information:

SiliformMLAPlus2 is a specialized polymer-based resin designed to work directly on 3D printed dental models.  Our proprietary formula allows fabrication of a variety of dental devices while keeping the dental light cure resins from bonding chemically to a lightly dense 3D model. In addition to its superb separation ability, the fabrication time will be reduced because the coating can be completely dry in under five minutes if heat is applied.  

SiliformMLAPlus2 is the perfect light-bodied material for any laboratory or clinician that needs to remove plastic and/or ceramic brackets from a 3D printed model without a hassle.  Our material is micro thin in structure, enabling the fabricated dental device to maintain a precise contour and close contact fit to each detail of the 3D model.  Not only will you eliminate the risk of a chemical bond, the dental device will be made to the patient’s precise anatomy!      


Other significant attributes are as follows:

SiliformMLAPlus2 will not transfer

SiliformMLAPlus2 can be removed from the model with soap/detergent(s)

SiliformMLAPlus2 will stay on the model indefinitely (until washed off)

SiliformMLAPlus2 is designed, developed and 100% manufactured in the U.S.A.


Method of use protected under US Patent # 9,717,568.  The purchase of the product in this container conveys, to the original purchaser only, a personal non-transferable right to use ONLY the contents of the container in its original proprietary formulation as manufactured by seller, and pursuant to seller's instructions, in the patented method of US Patent # 9,717,568, as a barrier on 3D printed dental arch models for the purpose of rendering the material of an intra-oral device being fabricated on a 3D printed dental arch model immune to chemical reaction with the material of the 3D printed dental arch model.  The purchase grants no right under any other intellectual property of seller or owners of the patent or any third party.  Any adulteration of the original proprietary formulation and use of such adulterated formulation for the above-stated purpose, or any use of the original unadulterated proprietary formulation for the above-stated purpose other than use according to seller's instructions, cancels the right conveyed herein.  The right conveyed does not extend to the purchaser's use of any product not manufactured by seller for the above-stated purpose.