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Siliform FAQ

Is the performance of the separator dependent on how the model is printed?

Yes.  Our separator works best when the build lines are close together.  Smaller, tighter layers produce a cleaner, smoother, more detailed finish which helps the separator perform better.    

Do you need to clean the printed model before applying the separator?

Yes.  Wipe down the entire model with 70% or greater Isopropyl Alcohol.

Before applying the first coating of separator, does heating the model help?

Absolutely.  Siliform loves heat, so we recommend you pre-heat the model in a dry heat (toaster) oven @ 175F - 200F / 80C - 94C for 5 minutes and then dip the model for 15 seconds while still warm.  

What is the best way to dry each coating applied?

After each dip, place the model in a dry heat (toaster) oven @ 175F - 200F / 80C - 94C) for 5 minutes.  DO NOT DO THIS if your model has a wax set-up.  Wax set-ups must air dry.

NOTE:  If a coating is not totally dry, acrylic may stick to the model or the dental device may be difficult to remove. 

Can I brush the separator onto the model instead of dipping the model in the solution?

No.  The model needs to be dipped in order to achieve the required thickness (12 microns) for each coating applied.  The only way to apply this thickness consistently is dipping. 

What will happen if the model is left in the separator for more than the required 15 seconds?

Nothing.  It takes the separator 15 seconds to adhere to the printed model, but after that no additional separator will adhere. 

Should the model be lightly covered if left out to dry in the open air?

Yes.  Since the model is still wet, place a paper towel loosely over it to prevent air contaminants from collecting on the model. 

Can you use a heat blower or a hair dryer to dry the separator faster?

No.  Any blowing directed toward a wet model will blow off the coating, causing a failure in the separator’s performance. 

If a model is dried in the open air, how long will it take for each coating to dry?

Under normal room temperature conditions (74F / 24C), it will take approximately 10 minutes per applied coating, but variations in temperature and / or air humidity can cause the drying time to be longer. 

What is the best way to store the separator?

Always keep the lid on the container tightly sealed when not in use and store in a dry, cool location.  DO NOT REFRIGERATE. 

How do you know if you have successfully applied two separate coats?

You must make sure that the 1st coat is completely dry before you process the model with a 2nd coat.  If the model is dry to the touch after the 1st coat, you can move on to the 2nd coat. 

Is there a time limit to fabricating a device on a model that has separator applied to it?     

No.  Once a model has separator applied, the model can be left indefinitely until needed.  

NOTE:  To reduce contaminants on the model, we recommend storing it in a covered container.  

Can I reuse a model to fabricate another appliance without applying additional separator? 

No.  If you want to use a printed model over again, you must start over and follow the separator instructions from the beginning. 

When does the separator expire?

Our separators expire 1 year from the date of purchase. 

How many models can you process from a 4 ounce (118 ml) container?

If you are following the directions correctly, you will process approximately 85 - 100 models.  The size of the models you process can alter this count.  

Will wax stick to the separator?

Certain waxes, like sticky wax or rope wax will stick.  If additional wax bonding is needed in a certain spot, simply apply Isopropyl Alcohol (70% or greater) to a Q-Tip and rub or brush the area.  

Do all 3D printed model resins work with Siliform separators?

Yes.  Our Siliform separators act as a chemical barrier on all 3D printed resins. 

If I need assistance, do you offer technical support?

Yes.  Please feel free to contact us through email at lorenadell@trigrouptechnologies.com or by phone at 214-906-5800.  If we are not immediately available, we will get back with you as soon as possible. 

Where can Siliform be purchased?

Our Siliform separators can only be purchased through this website.  Click on "Order Our Products" at the top of the page to start shopping! 

Do I need to open an account to purchase Siliform?

No.  Just fill in all required information at checkout and make payment with a credit card.